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We are driven by the idea of transforming today's agri-food industry by paving the way for sustainable agricultural innovations. Our goal is to contribute to a more sustainable future that not only benefits us right now, but also contributes to the well-being of future generations.


We will be the leader in providing sustainable vertically farmed food based on breakthrough AI-innovation that supports the needs of our customers and secures the future conservation of resources.

Why vGreens?

To achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, we must change the way we produce our food. Long supply chains, excessive use of fresh water, little to no control over pesticides, and high greenhouse gas emissions not only endanger our fragile environment, but also negatively impact the quality of the products.

vGreens' innovative approach to the major sustainability challenges of the 21st century is based on an AI-driven vertical farming solution to produce fresh, tasty and above all, sustainable fruits.

Our Product

The vGreens Strawberries are grown in indoor vertical farms under the tightest quality controls, providing you not only with fruits year round, but also with a new experience - the vGreens Premium Strawberry.

"Sustainability, Responsibility and Future" form the foundation on which our values and principles are built. That is why our strawberries are grown using only the latest technology, allowing for resource savings on a scale never seen before.

  • 99%

    less land usage
  • 95%

    less water consumption
  • 90%

    less fertiliser required
  • 70%

    less greenhouse gas emissions

We Are

Claas Ahrens

"The Commander"
Bold, imaginative initiator with a strong will who always finds a solution or creates one for himself.

Dr. Stefan Hey
Chief Gardening Officer

"The Architect"
Plant-loving, international, science-oriented thinker, with a plan for everything.

Tom Vaupel

"The Logician"
Practically minded and fact-oriented IT-allrounder who can build you anything.


"The Advocate"
Calm and analytical, always inspiring, and tireless idealist.

Dr. Caspar Krampe

"The Activist"
Enthusiastic, creative free spirit who always finds a reason to smile.

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