About vGreens

vGreens is dedicated to the resource-efficient, data-driven production of nutrient-rich foods through vertical farming. Our software solution enables year-round fruit production, irrespective of climate or season. With our inaugural farm, we can cultivate strawberries near urban centers throughout the year, utilizing 99% less farmland, 95% less water, and 95% less fertilizer compared to traditional agriculture. At the core of our technology is a continuously optimizing AI algorithm. It not only creates optimal conditions for plant growth (e.g., temperature or nutrients) but also tailors production parameters to local market demands, such as energy prices, ensuring economical production all year round.


Pioneering advanced vertical farms through groundbreaking farm-management software solutions


Reducing environmental impact with resource-efficient, locally-grown, pesticide-free produce


Collaborating closely with major players in the food industry to reshape the food chain


Maximizing yields, minimizing energy with Virtual Battery and growth models

Meet our Executive level

At vGreens, we have meticulously assembled an executive-level team, comprised of seasoned professionals who bring to the table their profound expertise in diverse fields. From sustainable farming and cutting-edge engineering to advanced IT solutions and strategic business acumen, our team collaboratively ensures that every facet of our operation excels in quality and innovation.

Claas Ahrens

Co-Founder and CEO

Claas Ahrens is the visionary behind vGreens. With a rich background in leading global companies, he previously held a significant position at Amazon. His passion for sustainable solutions led him to build and lead a Solar Car Development project. 

Dr. Maximilian Hartmann

Co-Founder and CFO

Dr. Maximilian Hartmann holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Dusseldorf. His academic pursuits were complemented by his voluntary consultancy roles, where he provided strategic insights for over two years. Concurrently, during his doctoral studies, he imparted knowledge at the university level, instructing courses in Customer Relationship Management as well as Marketing Research and Consumer Neuroscience. 

Dr. Stefan Hey

Co-Founder and CSO

Dr. Stefan Hey is vGreens’ resident expert in Crop Science. With over 8 years of work and research experience in the field, he holds a PhD specifically in Crop Science. At vGreens, he is responsible for developing the crop growth model for fruits in the vertical farms, ensuring optimal yield and quality.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Caspar Krampe

Co-Founder and CMO

Dr. Caspar Krampe currently serves as an Assistant Professor at Wageningen University, a globally recognized institution for its pioneering research in agriculture, environmental sciences, and notably, vertical farming. There, he imparts knowledge on Sustainable Company Management.

Timo Quast

Chief of Staff

Timo Quast brings a wealth of experience in management consulting, specializing in Finance & Strategy. He has startup experience as a founding member of a global Web 3 project in 2022. At vGreens, Timo ensures smooth operations and strategic alignment across departments.

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vGreens Holding GmbH
Därmannsbusch 4
58456 Witten

vGreens, an innovative company in the vertical farming industry, recognized by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research


vGreens Holding GmbH
Därmannsbusch 4
58456 Witten

vGreens, an innovative company in the vertical farming industry, recognized by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research